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Our values











Our mission

  1. Provide stimulation programmes and projects for students to fulfil their potential. Through traditional art and the latest technology, EPAC will open students minds and hearts to professional and international opportunities in the world of visual and narrative arts.  
  2. EPAC programmes will combine tradition and technology with professional projects and mandates that will provide real world experience with
  3. Through art, technology, professional projects and guidance from professionals in the art world, EPAC will stimulate every student and transforming potential into talent for a career in the art world.
  4. Equip students with skills they need for digital/media/art (etc) industry or higher education

Our Vision

  1. EPAC wants to be seen as the school which challenges accepted practices in art to find new ways to create. Blending traditional art and technology and innovating new paths in our community and across the world.
  2. Renowned Swiss art school with international links and focusing on preparing students of all backgrounds to a successful career in the many arts disciplines. Leading with STATE OF THE ART/TECHNOLOGY front of industry needs and techno advances
  3. To be the leading art school in visual, narrative arts in Switzerland. Combining traditional artistic skills with the cutting-edge technology, to give graduates a professional mindset and advantage in the professional art world.
  4. To be an acclaimed art school that marries technology with traditional methods to provide a world class education for professionals in the art world.


External speakers invited for workshops as well as the professors allow the students to be accompanied in their process of creating artistic content, and to witness the issues and problems inherent in the world of narrative art. This dialogue between students and teachers is not limited to the field of artistic practice, but frequently opens up to various universes, such as the sciences in relation to technologies or more conceptual artistic fields.

Aware that the art world is deeply cosmopolitan, the school also offers its students mobility and transnational networks. Indeed, the EPAC has been collaborating for several years with European (Belgium, France and Poland) and Asian universities, with student exchange programmes between Taiwan and Switzerland and the setting up of inter-school and international competitions.

Accredited school

EPAC is a private school accredited by EQ-Arts (registered agency of EQAR, European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education)

and delivers the titles "Bachelor of Fine Arts" and "Master of Fine Arts" recognized at the European level.

Our quality assurance

Quality is important to our school because we value our students and other stakeholders. We strive to offer our students a variety of programs that meet or exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement and have implemented a quality management system that provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance. EPAC is accredited by EQ-Arts.


Our approach

Located in Saxon since 2001, the EPAC aims to be an experimental platform for interdisciplinary exchanges anchored in technological developments and professional realities. This objective is reflected in its avant-garde training programme, which responds to the transformations of artistic media (interactivity, virtuality), without neglecting the mastery of so-called traditional techniques.

The students have more than 630m2 dedicated to the narrative arts!

The students are thus trained to be generalists, capable of grasping the contemporary requirements in terms of art, while having a good perception of professional issues. The external mandates entrusted to the school bear witness to this constant dialogue between the students and the professional world, whether the work is on traditional media or requires a transmedia approach.

Since its creation, the EPAC has surrounded itself with many innovative and renowned personalities, through conferences and workshops throughout the school year, but also through the courses given on a daily basis.

A school in the heart of the Alps

Located in the heart of the Valais Alps, in the commune of Saxon, it has an attractive setting close to urban areas such as Martigny and Sion and less than an hour from Lausanne.

In 2001, the EPAC was established in the old cinema of Saxon thanks to the support of the municipal authorities. Accessible by public transport (about 10 minutes from Saxon station), the building is equipped to accommodate about 90 students over 4 school years.


EPAC also collaborates with Swiss institutions or companies that allow the student to confront the demands of the graphic industry, animation and video games. In recent years, we have been mandated by the Swiss Parliament, the IDIAP - Research Institute, the Samaritans Association of Geneva, and recently by the Canton of Valais, the cities of Montreux and Lugano and several companies and associations in Switzerland.

  • The Manor of the city of Martigny
  • Fumetto, International Comics Festival Lucerne
  • Delémont'BD, Delémont comic book festival
  • The Strapazin, Comic-Magazin, Edition Moderne, Zürich
  • ... and many other mandates and projects carried out by EPAC students

Some performances by Inn Yang (E.H) Low around the Epac

ECTS credits

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System is a points system, developed by the European Union, which aims to facilitate the comparison of study programmes in different European countries. ECTS stands for "European Credits Transfer System". This system applies mainly to university education.
Our Bachelor and Master degrees are part of the ECTS system linked to the Bologna agreements. The Bologna agreements are not an institution that recognises ECTS credits, but they are the basis of the system that allows the quantification of the studies carried out by a student.

The system for awarding credits, the internal commissions for validating educational concepts, and the various verification bodies (school operations, control of future occupations, etc.) are also based on the regulations proposed by the Bologna agreements.
Like many private universities and higher education institutions, we strictly adhere to this process. Indeed, as we always make clear, our qualifications are awarded by a public school.

Many universities (private and public) recognize our programs and the value of the credits awarded. On the other hand, Swiss universities do not automatically recognize private titles (which we explain clearly during information sessions or personal interviews). EPAC has obtained a new accreditation from the enqa network that is recognized at the European level. This accreditation came into effect in September 2022.


Visit to the school

Every year EPAC organises an open day to discover our premises and the work of our students.
It is also possible to make an appointment to visit the school.


Route du Village 39
1907 Saxon, Valais

+41 (0)27 744 31 26

School accredited by

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