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The screenwriting course prepares the future screenwriter for the work of screenwriting.

The mastery of the spectator's experience being at the centre of the training, elements such as the or levels of the script's senses, the tempo, the rhythm, the management of the spectator's energy, the effectiveness of the elements of the story and the deep construction of characters will be at the centre of the disciplines proposed. These courses are also focused on the mastery of writing techniques, both in terms of writing and in terms of visualization, adapted to the different modes of distribution: animation, comics, digital media, video games.

The screenplay courses are taught by professional screenwriters.

The work of a scriptwriter is rooted in the imagination, constructed and supported by artistic thought. The imagination is the active soul of this construction. Its mission is to make this world visible, credible and real to the audience.

Imagination is a muscle that needs to be trained. The exercises and studies in this course focus on working on stage attention, imagination and fantasy.

Entrance exam

The entrance examinations take place throughout the year. Each applicant is called for an interview during which he/she presents his/her file.
However, in order to secure a place at our school, we advise applicants to apply by mid-May atthe latest.

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