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Traditional painting / digital painting

Introduction to the different artistic movements and discovery of a vast field of inspiration. This approach allows the student to be initiated into different media and techniques. This course is organised around research into the development of materials, colours, structures and various techniques for the development of an identity of one's own.

From the first year onwards, students can choose to stay with a traditional medium or switch to digital painting .

Digital painting is an art form generated by the computer using digital tools: graphic tablet, stylus, software. However, it is difficult to reproduce the idea of matter or the sensation of touch.

Digital art has become commonplace. This phenomenon is spreading to the contemporary arts in general. These technological upheavals have been introduced into the modes of production, distribution and conservation of works.
But traditional drawing and painting nevertheless remain a safe bet, allowing the direct materialisation of an original creation.

The digital drawing or painting is above all a virtual work.

Digital painting is widely used by many artistic professions such as illustration, concept design, advertising, comics, graphic design... It is up to each student to choose the technique he/she wants to develop in order to assert his/her own identity and personality, which will allow him/her to develop the artistic skills necessary for his/her future success

Entrance exam

The entrance examinations take place throughout the year. Each applicant is called for an interview during which he/she presents his/her file.
However, in order to secure a place at our school, we advise applicants to apply by mid-May atthe latest.

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