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Comic book

The first two years are devoted to learning the techniques and understanding the challenges of the medium. The first two years are devoted to learning the techniques and understanding the issues of the medium. Through their work, students will define a visual identity of their own while maintaining a certain flexibility necessary for the job market. The student must be able to create his or her own comic strip, while having integrated the issues and problems related to this specific medium.

The principles of comics are worked on through practical exercises and the creation of scenarios (creation of characters, cutting, framing, composition, shooting, camera movement, colour, lettering). The knowledge of the comic world is approached through presentations and exchanges. The aim of the course is to produce a comic strip, then to analyse this production and to share the findings in order to enrich the knowledge of each student.

Students can have their own style (French comic strip, underground comic strip, comics or manga), whatever the medium (traditional or digital).


Anatomy/Academic drawing

The anatomy and proportions of the human body are studied (human skull, skeleton, anatomy of the face, body, hands, feet). The student is expected to draw more detailed body parts to improve their understanding of muscles and their movements.

Entrance exam

The entrance examinations take place throughout the year. Each applicant is called for an interview during which he/she presents his/her file.
However, in order to secure a place at our school, we advise applicants to apply by mid-May atthe latest.

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